How do I directly file a Farm Bureau Insurance homeowners claim in Florida?

BEFORE making the claim, gather this information!

1. As soon as possible after a windstorm or incident, good photos of the home and property damage should be taken from different angles. This adds to the legitimacy of the claim. It is important to date the photos. Typically, the longer a homeowner waits after the windstorm or incident to take the photos, the less likely it becomes for the adjustor to consider them reliable evidence and approve coverage.

2. Now, prepare a list with a description of the damages. Yes, this may seem detailed, but this will protect you from overlooking any aspect when making the claim. Trying to go back later and claim more that you ‘forgot’ is less likely to be approved.

3. Next, immediately protect your home and property from further damage by making reasonable limited and temporary emergency repairs. Be sure to prepare an accurate list of the amounts and the receipts before you speak with your Farm Bureau adjustor.

4. If you had to leave the property during the storm, you may discover that theft is involved. Notify the police and keep a copy of their report for both your records and your agent.

5. If you were forced to leave the property during the windstorm or incident, be sure to keep all temporary accommodation receipts.

6. If a fire is involved, be sure to report the damage to your local fire department and retain all reports.

7. Please don’t discard anything! It is better to retain damaged items until an adjustor can access the damage personally.

8. If someone is injured, obtain their name(s), addresse(s) and contact information if possible.

9. Also, the names, addresses and contact information of witnesses to an injury is important.

10. Keep receipts of emergency first aid payments. Do not make payments outside of emergency first aid.

11. Before talking to your Farm Bureau Agent, review your policy for detailed information about your purchased coverage. Effective understanding and communication with your agent is very important. 

12. Before calling the claims adjustor, have your receipt with the date and amount of proof of payment of policy. They will check to verify that your policy is active and in good standing. 

How to make a direct homeowners claim at Farm Bureau Insurance

1. All official claims must be directly reported by the homeowner to the Farm Bureau Insurance Company. There are only two ways: personally calling a claims representative by phone at 1-866-275-7322, or starting the process online at https://apps.floridafarmbureau.com.

2. When you call directly, after gathering all the information listed above, Call (866) 275-7322.

3. You will hear an automated female voice message answering the phone giving you three choices. Please press #1 to make a new claim. The other two choices include #2 – to make payments, and #3 – for all other inquiries.

4. When you call during office hours, this will take you to a live claims processor who will begin asking you a seemingly endless list of investigative questions. But because you have followed the preparation list above, you are ready. Your readiness helps the process flow much easier and is very relieving to the agent (which is to your benefit!).

5. Reporting a claim will take at least 30-45 minutes depending on the hold time.

Special Note: when filing a claim, be sure to save your claim ID number in a safe place easy to find. This will be needed in ongoing conversations and correspondence.

What does Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance cover?

The following information is NOT meant to replace or legally interpret your individual policy. For coverage details and further policy explanations, please carefully review your policy and speak with your authorized agent or attorney. 

The Farm Bureau Insurance Exchange does not divide, but combines dwelling coverage for your home, roof and other structures on your property.

Homeowner’s insurance also includes personal property coverage as your specific agreement defines. This generally includes furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items. Costly jewelry and other valuable items can be covered if the coverage is purchased at the time of writing the original policy.

When forced to vacate the property due to a storm or extensive damage from another type of event, the expenses of temporary accommodations are also covered subject to approval. Please read your policy to discover what receipts must be kept. Typically, this will include motel, meals and other essential (but limited) expenses. The insurance company loves to use the word ‘reasonable’ when considering these types of expenses.

Special Note: The Farm Bureau Insurance Company has a great Emergency Preparation List in advance of a storm. https://floridafarmbureau.com/insurance.

The Farm Bureau policy coverage includes personal liability protection for you and your family. Other individuals injured on the property are also covered while on the property regardless of fault. Please check your policy for accidental injury and medical payment details.

There are other coverage features provided in the policy, and as you would expect, some limitations and exclusions apply. Please note that some coverages differ in certain regions of the state because of what they call ‘exposure restrictions.’ So, the only way to discover your specific coverage is to examine your policy!

Farm Bureau Roofing Coverage

The Farm Bureau Insurance homeowner’s policy covers all parts of the dwelling including the roof.

Windstorm or special incident damage to the roof is covered according to the levels and contents of the dwelling insurance policy purchased. Photos and an approved Farm Bureau Insurance professional roofing expert’s examination is required to verify the timing, details and extent of the damage.

All damage needs to be reported as soon as possible after the event to ensure a more expedited and smooth approval process. In Florida the legal time limit is four years, but the ‘rule-of-thumb’ is sooner rather than later. Insurance companies are very sensitive to potential fraud.

Note: As of January 2022, The Farm Bureau has requested Florida state approval to increase premiums by 48.7%. The reason cited was, ‘a significant increase in roof damage claims’!

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