How do I directly file a Progressive Insurance homeowners claim in Florida?

FAQ before making a Progressive homeowners insurance claim

How quickly should I file a Progressive homeowners claim after a windstorm?

It is highly recommended to make the claim as soon after a windstorm or incident of damage as possible. Technically, the state of Florida allows 4 years. Why file asap? An insurance adjustor explained to me one time, “The quicker the homeowner reports the damage, the more likely it is coverage will be approved.”

So, what is my first step to begin making a claim with Progressive Insurance?

To begin the claim process, it is NOT to your benefit to call the insurance company first! It is highly recommended that homeowners complete a good preliminary checklist before attempting to file. Why? Proper preparation prior to making a claim increases the chances of approval, and the chances of full approval levels.

Why is it beneficial to me to follow a preliminary checklist before filing?

Your insurance company loves to get paid but does not love to pay! Why? It’s a fact that fraudulent claims in Florida have greatly increased in the last few years. This has caused multiple insurance companies to either completely fail or limit their business in this state.

To stay in business, insurance companies have found it necessary to train their Claims adjusters and legal teams to have a ‘disapproval’ mindset for the company’s protection. Your claim is far more likely to proceed smoothly and be approved when carefully prepared based on a preliminary checklist! Then it will be time to call the insurance company.

OK. What’s the FIRST thing to do after experiencing windstorm damage?

The first step is to take good photos of the damage from different angles and date your photos. Later claims are subject to more intense adjustor and legal scrutiny! Yes, photos taken 2 years later are within the legal time limit but are much less likely to be approved by the adjuster! It is to your advantage to take good photos from different angles of the damage as soon as possible after a windstorm or incident. (Don’t forget to date them!)

After I take the photos and date them, what’s next?

Next, make a written description listing the damages. Progressive does not provide a form for this that we could find. Yes, this may seem detailed, but it will protect you from overlooking any aspect when making the claim. Trying to go back later and claim more that you ‘forgot’ is much less likely to be approved.

What about the damage right now?

Progressive wants you to make immediate, essential, emergency repairs to protect you and your family, and also your property from added damage. That includes large tarps on the roof to protect from further water leakage, and temporary window coverings. Be sure to keep the receipts for all such emergency repairs. Keep in mind, these are temporary, emergency repairs only. Professional repairs require contractor involvement. All these receipts must be approved by an adjustor for you to be refunded!

But what if my home has become unsafe and unlivable?

Of course, temporary accommodation expenses for you and your family’s safety are included in your Progressive homeowner’s policy. It is very important to be meticulous in keeping these receipts! And be certain that the expenses do not include a lavish, luxury resort suite in the Caribbean with daily extravagant meals, unless you want to pay for that. Only reasonable expenses will be approved.

Are there any other things I should think about?

Yes! If you need to vacate the property, take as many pictures as you can of all your whole property (not just the damage). Nightmarish stories are told of families returning to their home after the damage, and finding their property ransacked, damaged and expensive items missing. Sometimes there has been a fire. In either case, before making that claim, be sure to obtain a police report and/or a fire department report and have it ready to send to your adjustor for coverage review and approval.

What if someone is physically hurt on the property?

Emergency first aid payments are made for medical expenses to cover you, your family and any other harmed person on the property. Again, be sure to keep the receipts for your claims adjuster.
The extra critical important step is to obtain the name, address and contact information of each individual who was injured. Finally, write a description of what happened and how the person was hurt. An immediate written description to determine the truth is invaluable in a legal discussion.

Are there any little known things I should think about?

1. Don’t discard any damaged items before the adjustor can examine it.

2. You need to read your policy before talking to your adjustor.

3. Make sure you have proof of payment of policy that covers the period of the windstorm damage or incident.

4. In 2022 the state approved updates to the Florida state insurance laws. It’s probably to your advantage to obtain a free Key Roofing contractor expert advice to help you before you making that call to the adjuster. Remember, insurance company adjustors and legal experts are trained to protect the company, not you! The Key Roofing contractor is focused on helping you.


How to make direct homeowners claim at Progressive Insurance

1. Always have your policy number and file of the preparation list of items before calling the insurance company.

2. To begin the Progressive Insurance claims process Call 1-800-776-4737. The automated system will answer and ask you the reason for the call. When you say, ‘For a homeowner’s claim’, it will respond by asking if this is a current claim. After you answer, “No, this is a new claim.” it will follow up by telling you that new claims may be reported using the mobile app, online, or by requesting to speak with a representative right away. 

3. This Progressive Insurance representative will NOT begin to ask you questions about the damage. He/she will ask you for your policy number, name and address first. After finding your policy, they will give you the name and number of the company where you purchased your policy.

4. Call the number the Progressive Insurance representative gives you to start the claim information process.

5. The first time you call, anticipate at least a 45 minute discussion with the representative depending on hold time. He/she will have lots of questions, and be pleasantly surprised you are so ready with the needed information. Believe me…that’s unusual! 

Special Note: after filing your claim the first time, it is very important to save your claim ID number in a safe place easy to find. This will be needed in ongoing conversations and correspondence.


What does Progressive Homeowners Insurance cover?

The following information is NOT meant to replace or legally interpret your individual policy. For coverage details and further policy explanations, please carefully review your policy and speak with your authorized agent or attorney. 

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers five parts which we find in the Progressive Insurance policies as well. These include the covered dwelling with any other structures listed, personal property, personal belongings (furniture, clothes, electronics, tools etc.), temporary living expenses, and medical payments.

Progressive insurance coverage includes the cost of repairing your home. This includes anything permanently attached to it. Other structures like sheds, gazebos and fences are also included.

Personal clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, tools, power equipment and almost any other approved personal items claimed are covered. Special insurance riders are available to cover extra valuable items in your home like jewelry, paintings, art and other expensive things.

Personal clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, tools, power equipment and almost any other approved personal items claimed are covered. Special insurance riders are available to cover extra valuable items in your home like jewelry, paintings, art and other expensive things.

Of course, if the damage is extensive making the home uninhabitable, the policy covers the costs of temporary accommodations, meals and other claimed related expenses (when approved).

Personal injury liability also is covered for you, your family and even a delivery person who slips and falls on your property. They include something we have not seen in other policies. If your child spray paints the neighbor’s garage, they say it’s covered! And yes, medical payments are included when needed.

Optional coverages that may be obtained with the original policy may include water back-up, expensive lawsuits and situations, and extra expensive valuables.

We strongly suggest you review your personal policy for the details about all coverage. Because of insurance riders and other factors, their policies can vary slightly.


Roofing damage

Progressive Insurance homeowner’s policy covers roof damage depending on your roof type and location.

The language of the coverages explanation includes little modifiers that make us say that homeowners really need to read their own policy. They keep saying things like, ‘it may cover’, ‘it may pay’ and ‘coverages may vary’. When considering roof damage they are very careful and guarded with their explanations.

One more thing about roofs!

Is Progressive insurance remaining in Florida?

According to our research, the answer is ‘Yes-but’! As of February 2022, Progressive has announced it is dropping at least 56,000 homeowners’ policies in Florida. The biggest issue is coverage for roofs older than 15 years. These are not being renewed. Reason: there has been a significant increase in litigated roof claims for older roofs (BIG court costs!). The industry claims that the list of fraudulent homeowner’s claims has been substantial.


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