How do I directly file a State Farm Insurance homeowners claim in Florida?

BEFORE making the claim, gather this information!

1. After a windstorm or incident, as soon as possible take good photos of the home and property damage.

2. Also take good notes and keep any other helpful evidence of the damage.

3. If there is theft involved notify the police and keep a copy of the police report for both your records and the State Farm claims agent.

4. Take emergency steps to protect your home and property from further damage and keep the receipts. This includes limited emergency measures such as tarps and window coverings to protect the home and property.

5. Do not discard items before an adjustor can access the damage personally.

6. If anyone is injured, obtain their names, addresses and contact information if possible. 

7. If anyone is injured, obtain the names, addresses and contact information of any witnesses.

8. Keep receipts of emergency first aid payments. Do not make payments outside of emergency first aid.

9. Review your policy for detailed information about your purchased coverage.

10. Before calling the claims adjustor, have your receipt with the date and amount of proof of payment of policy. They will check to verify that your policy is active and in good standing. 


The most direct way to start a home insurance claim is to call (800) 732-5246

Other ways to report a claim include:

1. Online at https://www.statefarm.com/claims.

2. Downloading the mobile app at https://www.statefarm.com/customer-care/download-mobile-apps or accessing the Apple App Store, or from Google Play.

3. Connect with your State Farm agent.


How to make a direct homeowners claim at State Farm Insurance

1. After gathering all the preliminary information, Call (800) 732-5246

2. This is the direct claims office number. You will hear an automated message answering and saying this, “For questions about an existing claim press #1. To report a brand-new claim press #2.

3. When the claims adjuster answers they will immediately need your policy number, name, address, and phone number. 

4. At this point the claims adjuster will start asking you a multitude of questions about the incident and requesting all the preliminary information you have already prepared from the list above. 


State Farm homeowners coverage

The following information is NOT meant to replace or legally interpret your individual policy. For coverage details and further policy explanations, please carefully review your policy and speak with your authorized agent or attorney. 

Your policy lists the coverages and amounts that you originally selected, along with detailed explanations. These explanations not only define what is covered, but identifies deductibles and level of coverage (limits of coverage). It also explains additional coverage you may have originally purchased.

The typical items covered by a State Farm Insurance homeowners policy includes the dwelling structure and other structures attached or on the property, personal property (like furniture, appliances, etc.), personal liability (bodily injury of any persons involved in an accident on your property), additional living expense due to loss-of-use from a windstorm or other incident, and medical payments. 

Additional coverage in your policy may include theft, damage of jewelry in a fire or catastrophe, electronic or computer equipment, expensive clothing, or extra coverage for other costly items in the home.

In extreme cases if the home becomes uninhabitable, the policy provides for temporary accommodations and meals and other related expenses (when approved).


Roofing damage claims

State Farm Insurance homeowners policy covers all parts of the listed dwelling including the roof. Your claims handler will walk you through this part of the claims process as well.

For roofing damage from windstorms, hail or other events, the State Farm Insurance homeowner must select a contractor or roofer. You can find a complete list of State Farm Insurance participating network service contractors online at this address: https://www.statefarm.com/claims/claims-help/home-and-property/contractor-locator.

Your selection of a contractor is not limited to this list however. State Farm Insurance provides this list to help you to select a qualified contractor that is established, licensed, or a bonded roofer. However, State Farm Insurance does not guarantee the performance of any contractor you select.

Though not required, it is highly recommended to select a contractor within the participating network. Personally, a claims agent shared with us that the agents are far more comfortable and likely to approve a claim presented by a homeowner when the contractor is pre-approved.

Additionally, State Farm Insurance has a premier service program plus a roofing services program that may be available in your area. You need to ask your claim handler to check this and explain it to you – if available. This web address presents the preview service program, but a discussion with the adjuster is essential as well. https://www.statefarm.com/claims/claims-help/home-and-property/premier-service.


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