How do I directly file a Tower Hill Insurance homeowners claim in Florida?

Tower Hill Insurance Company “Reorganized 2022”

As of May 2022, the company has reorganized. All homeowner policies were transferred into a new Tower Hill company and policyholders are now members of the Tower Hill Insurance Exchange.

Technically, the new Tower Hill Insurance Exchange is a reciprocal insurer. That means policyholders are now insuring each other. Tower has provided a detailed explanation about reciprocal insuring and the company’s reorganization at this website address: https://www.thig.com/faqs/.


BEFORE making the homeowners claim, gather this information

1. Please complete the ‘Personal Effects Loss Inventory Sheet’. You may download that form from https://www.thig.com/claims/. When accessing that webpage, look at the lower right side of the webpage and find this form under the title ‘Downloads’. Click on your choice of either the pdf or Word document.

2. Take good photos of the damage as soon after the event as possible. At some point, your adjuster will request these to be uploaded and sent to Tower Hill.

3. If applicable, secure a copy of the fire department’s report.

4. If applicable, secure a copy of the police report.

5. Take good pictures of all receipts of immediate temporary repair expenses. Tower Hill recommends the homeowner use tarps, temporary window coverings and other reasonable minor emergency repairs to help avoid further damage.

6. When calling Tower Hill Insurance, have a copy of your current policy so you can share the policy number and any other information the claims adjuster may need at the time.

7. In case there is any question about your timely policy payment, always have your copy of payment, date, and amount available to share with your claims adjuster.

3 Ways to report a claim

The most direct way to report a Tower Hill Insurance claim is to call (800) 342-3407

Other ways to report a claim include:

1. Claims also may be reported online at www.thig.com. 

2. It is also possible to start filing a claim by contacting your insurance agent directly.

When clicking ‘claims’ on the Tower Hill Exchange website don’t be surprised when it takes you to a page titled ‘Tower Hill Insurance’. That is the name of the parent company administering your new policy at the Tower Hill Exchange.


How to make a direct homeowners claim at Tower Hill Insurance

1. All official claims must be directly reported to the Tower Hill Insurance Exchange. As described above, this may be accomplished by choosing one of the three ways: personally calling a claims representative by phone, starting the process online, or having your insurance agent begin the process for you.

2. When calling directly; after gathering all the information above, call (800) 342-3407 to connect with a company claims representative.

3. When you call you will hear an automated message answering the phone saying, ‘To make a claim…please visit the Tower website at https://www.thig.com/claims/           BUT – don’t hang up!     

4. The automated message will then continue and give you a list of numbers to press. FOR CLAIMS PRESS 2.

5. This will take you to a live claims processor who will begin the claims process with you. 

The person you speak to in the claims department at Tower Hill Insurance is called the ‘desk-adjuster’. Depending on the severity of the claim damage, the desk adjuster may be able to make all coverage decisions without an ‘on-site’ inspector’s participation. This will always include photos, repair estimates from approved contractors, and perhaps virtual inspections.

To upload photos of the damage, you will need to establish a customer portal account online, and log in with your new login account name and password. Next, select ‘My Uploads’ and follow the prompts on that page to upload your photos. If you would like, a Tower Hill Insurance phone app can be obtained when speaking with your claims desk adjuster. This is the only way to get it!

Also, to expedite processing, it is important to be especially prompt with requests for documentation, photos, or other paperwork. Everyone wants the claims process to be completed sooner than later! Please note that long gaps in reporting documentation, photos, and verification information might generate an outside adjuster investigation and affect approval levels and/or the approval.

Special Note: when filing a claim, be sure to save your claim ID number in a safe place easy to find. This will be needed in ongoing conversations and correspondence.


What does Tower Hill Homeowners Insurance Cover?

The following information is NOT meant to replace or legally interpret your  policy. For coverage details and further policy explanations, please carefully review your policy and speak with your authorized agent or attorney. 

As usual, homeowner’s policies include five key areas of coverage that we see in the Tower Hill homeowner insurance policies. These include the covered dwelling with any other structures listed, personal property, personal liability, loss of use, and medical payments.

Tower insurance coverage includes the cost of home repair, and even to the point of rebuilding your home (when approved). Other structures like sheds are also included. Catastrophic grounds damage is also included.

Personal clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, and any other approved personal items claimed are covered.

Of course, if the damage is extensive making the home uninhabitable, the policy covers the costs of temporary accommodations and meals and other claimed related expenses (when approved). Adjusters usually do not approve a 10-day emergency vacation resort in the Caribbean Sea complete with a spa.

In the event of guests being harmed, medical costs for injuries are covered, along with legal fees if you are sued.


Roofing damage

Tower Insurance homeowner’s policy covers all parts of the listed dwelling including the roof.

In the case of storm wind damage to the roof only, it is covered and repaired or replaced according to the required claims process. Roofing damage must be reported as soon as possible after the windstorm or special event. Photos and an approved Tower Hill Insurance professional roofing expert’s examination are required to verify the timing, details, and extent of the damage.


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