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Solar panels are a great way to secure the benefits of the sun for your own home. Living in Fort Myers means you are going to have much more sunlight than most areas in the United States which means an easy energy source. This is an easy way to start making your house more functional.

Can your roof support a solar system?

Generally, Solar Integration can be made on a variety of roof types. However, every roof has its own specific situation and that’s why you want to have a professional inspect your roof to see how it all works. That way you will know if it’s possible, how much it might cost to do it and if it’s suitable for your home or not. Most of the time this will be a great opportunity.

How much does it take to install the solar system?

The Solar Integration complexity and also the type of roofing you have will end up affecting the entire process. Which is why you want to have a very good integration system. It helps immensely and it will provide the solutions and features that you need at the highest possible level. We’ve partnered with Florida’s Own Advanced Solar & Energy to who have been in the business for 35 years.

Does the Solar Integration affect warranty?

It depends on the manufacturer but for the most part it will not affect the roof warranty. Of course, there are different factors here, but you can always expect the solar integration to be completed quickly, efficiently and without a problem. That’s why you do want to check with the roof manufacturer and see if anything like Solar Integration or similar things can affect your warranty.

Can the Solar Integration be customized based on your needs?

Absolutely, the system is always going to be adapted to your particular needs and requirements. Which is what makes this type of system special, because it helps provide you with the results and benefits you want, while also integrating all the solutions you need all the time. A good solar system needs to be added to the roof rightfully, otherwise it will not survive any winds or more challenging weather. But if it’s installed correctly, then its lifespan can increase considerably, which is something to keep in mind.

Do you need to replace solar panels if they have some light damage?

If some of the cells are damaged, then the energy output will be reduced. Normally you don’t have to replace an entire panel just for light damage, but if the issue persists and more cells are damaged, then eventually you have to replace everything. It’s extremely important to ensure that you understand how and when you have to replace the panels, what leads to that problem and so on. In the end, it will help you more than expected, and the benefits can be second to none.

Is it mandatory for your roof to have Solar Integration to begin with or can I add on later?

It’s not, but if you want to add solar support later on, you do want to choose the type of roof that helps you achieve that. Not only will it help save time and money, but it will give you the return on investment that you are interested in. That’s what will give you a very good experience, and the outcome is always going to be second to none. In the end, it’s the ideal option and you will certainly appreciate the benefits and work quality.

Can you replace your roof if you have Solar Integration?

Yes, it’s possible to replace the roof, it will just be harder to achieve that due to the overall process and its complexity. But this is certainly something doable, making sure that the process is detailed out beforehand is crucial. Hiring an installer that knows the process will go a long ways in making sure a quality job gets done.

How much does it cost to add Solar Integration?

While it is true that there is a cost associated with the installation of solar panels this cost is recoupable. The energy savings you get is definitely an incentive that will pay you back over the lifetime of the roof. Becasue of the nature of the panels and the roofs in general, it is hard to nail down an exact price for every home. It’s best to get a free estimate and have a professional come out and look at your roof.

Can I get tax credits for installing a solar?

Yes! Your federal income taxes can go down with credits for solar. By making the switch to a green energy solutions you can earn back some of the initial costs as a tax credit. While the initial costs may seem high with the reduction in your homes energy prices as well as the tax credits you can defiantly recoup some of the costs.

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