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Metal Roofing needs and questions

When deciding which type of roof to get on your Fort Myers home metal roofs often place at the top of the list. We want to make sure you are fully informed and give you all the information you will need to make the best decision possible. We work with local Florida companies like Sunshine Metal Supply, Inc. to make sure we have the best materials available.

The styles we have available are Sunlock EZ, Sunlock, 5V Crimp, and Sunrib. These panels are custom made for your roof to make sure you get the exact style and type that you’re looking for

Metal Roof Questions and Answers:

1. What are the benefits of metal roofs?

A lot of people choose to go with a metal roof because these are long-lasting, and you don’t need to worry about dealing with lots of maintenance tasks. On top of that, a metal roof offers fire protection, which is incredibly important especially in regions where you are prone to all types of fire. Additionally, metal roofs can help lower your electric bills, and they also are weather resistant.

2. Is a metal roof noisy if it rains?

Yes, this can happen due to the lack of underlayment, insulation or a roof deck. If you add multiple layers of building materials between the living area and the roof, that will eliminate some of the noise. Many people opting for a metal roof find it to be a pleasant and comforting sound.

3. How much money can you save on energy bills with a metal roof?

It depends, but a properly installed metal roof can end up saving you around 20% from your energy bills. The reason here is that metal roof panels have special pigments that reflect the sun energy, while also releasing heat absorbed during the day. That’s really helpful and it certainly makes a huge difference.

4. Does a metal roof attract any lighting strikes?

You won’t have to worry about that because that’s not the case. The chances of a roof being hit are equal regardless of the material. However, metal roof is actually better than most roofs here, because metal won’t catch fire or ignite, since this is not a combustible material. So it’s actually a better option to consider when compared to other materials.

5. Can you attach solar panels to a metal roof?

Yes, in fact adding solar panels to a metal roof is much easier when compared to any other roofing material. That’s what makes it such a spectacular option for everyone interested in solar panels.

6. Do metal roofs rust?

In general, all metal will rust. However, if you pick the best metal substrate, that lowers the chances of rusting quite a bit. So it’s certainly a thing to keep in mind, especially if you want to go with a metal roof.

7. Is it possible to install metal roofing over your shingles?

It’s certainly a possibility, especially if you want to save money on roof tear-off. However, it all depends on what your roofers will notice. In some cases, tearing off the asphalt roofing and placing the metal roof instead of it might be a necessity. However, it varies and it’s certainly not mandatory.

8. How long can a metal roof last for?

What you will notice is that a metal roof will last for up to 40 years. By comparison, an asphalt roof will just be suitable for 20 years or so. That means metal roofing is much better when compared to other options, and you will find it to be the ideal type of roof when it comes to value for money. Yes, a metal roof will cost you a bit more when compared to shingles, but as you can see it pays off very well.

9. Is metal roof unattractive?

That’s not the case, because you can find metal roof in all kinds of textures, colors and styles. That means you will be able to identify the right option to suit your home’s design. The distinct look has a timeless quality. Many times, it can be hard to distinguish it from other roofing options. Which is what makes it such an incredible product to begin with.

10. Can metal roofs withstand extreme weather?

Metal roofs are known to deliver great protection even when it comes to very powerful weather. That means you can easily access all of its benefits and protect your home against hail, fire and even very powerful winds. The major benefit here comes from those interlocking panels used by metal roofs which can easily resist uplifts caused by the powerful winds.

11. Is a metal roof eco-friendly?

What’s great about metal roof is the fact that this material is sustainable. It’s fully recyclable, and most roofs tend to have at least ¼ of them recycled materials, sometimes even more. Another benefit is that there’s only half the weight of shingles, so even if you have a home with light structures, it can still be more than ok.

12. How much maintenance does a metal roof need?

There’s not a whole lot of maintenance required, aside from cleaning and checking the metal for any rust or holes. It’s one of those materials that people love using for their roofs because it’s easy to maintain, and you don’t have to perform maintenance tasks every month.

13. Can I use a metal roof on any home?

Generally, metal roofs are great for most structures. The main appeal is that it’s a light roof type, so you never have to really worry about it damaging your structure in any way. Instead, it’s easy to install and thanks to interlocking it can actively protect your home without having to worry about any major damage, if any at all.

14. Will a metal roof hold up to hail?

Hail is problematic and it can damage most types of roofs. That being said, metal roofs are long-lasting and durable, and they can withstand hail way better than most options. So if you live in a hail-prone area, having a metal roof is actually a very good idea!

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