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Metal Roofing systems have been around for hundreds of years, and there’s good reasons why. A metal roof is going to have a longer life, a seamless look, and great durability. We’re also proud to say we source and work with other local Sarasota companies like Sunshine Metal Supply, Inc. to help make sure we have the right product for you.

With three types of residential panels that are custom made for your roof (5V Crimp, Sunrib, Sunlock, Sunlock EZ) it makes it easy to get a style and type that works for you.

The 7 Most frequently asked questions about metal roofs:

1. What are the advantages of having a metal roof?

Durability, Energy Efficiency (reflecting heat and decreasing cooling costs), Look, and Duration are all desirable advantages.

2. What is the average life span of a metal roof?

Typically 25 to 30 years depending on what panels are being used. Exposed fasteners or hidden fasteners which will respectively decrease or increase with maintenance over the lifetime of the roof.

3. How does the cost compare to that of a regular shingle roof?

The cost of a metal roof will be about 70% to 80% more than that of a regular shingle roof. This cost is offset by the fact that metal roofs have double the life span, and a metal roof is more durable than their counterparts. These numbers can also be effected by product availability at the time.

4. Does it take longer to install a metal roof than it does a shingle roof?

Yes. Shingle roofs take anywhere from a day up to 3 or 4 days depending on the size of the roof. Metal panel roofs are what we like to call a specialized or skilled trade. Custom cuts may have to happen on site to ensure panels are fitting around valleys, hips, ridges, and roof to wall connections. This will take longer, but it really shines through when the final product is done and looking pristine.

5. Am I stuck with one kind of color when it comes to a metal roof?

No! The basic metal roof that you see on a barn or commercial building is galvanized that is the typical standard silvery look. But then you have options, anywhere from grey’s to black’s, copper’s, brown’s, white, and green.

6. Is the noise level different from a shingle roof?

Yes, you will notice a distinct difference in the rain, but may also notice limbs of trees brushing against it. People buying these roofs are often seeking this difference. While louder many people speak of its pleasant and calming sounds.

7. If I want to perform maintenance on my roof such as pressure washing is that more difficult with a metal roof?

Any time you are on a roof you should take precautions. Dirt and possible oils from the air may stick to the panels which could cause them to get slick. When it rains this is especially true as well as when the roof has a higher pitch and becomes steeper, we would not recommend standing directly on the roof. With all that being said it is important to note that far less maintenance should be required on a metal roof.

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Solar Integration

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