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One of the benefits to Sarasota living that you might not have tapped yet is solar powered energy! With the warm weather and endless sunshine you have a unique advantage to create energy and make your home work for you. Replacing your roof is one option, but upgrading to solar is a great way to save on monthly bills and make your home more functional.

It’s a great time to invest in solar power! With the warm weather and endless sunshine, you have a unique opportunity that will save on monthly bills while making your home more functional. One option for investing is replacing older roofs with new ones but there are also other ways like installing photovoltaic systems which can provide energy as well create clean sustainable electricity right at home. No need go out into public areas or pay high prices from utility companies.

What solar looks like with Key Roofing?

• We are partnered with Advanced Solar and Energy who have been in business for over 40 years. We have a direct partnership with them when they work on solar with a roof that we are completing.

Are Solar Panels my only energy solution?

• GAF has a new solar shingle that has come out that doesn’t even require solar panels. Tesla has come out with some solar shingles as well, but the performance wasn’t what we would hope for in this climate. We are very excited to see how GAF compares.

Can solar integrations cause damage to the roof?

• Because there is more penetration which goes through the actual shingle and decking there are areas where issues could occur. Advanced Solar and Energy have been around for long enough that they know how to properly fasten and seal around any fasteners that go through the roof to create a water tight area.

The sun is a great source for energy and it feels good to gather this power yourself on the beach. Why not let our roofs soak up some of those rays as well? Additionally, you’ll get tax credits when installing renewable energies so your federal income taxes will go down too! That’s right- just because we’re doing something positive doesn’t mean there aren’t anything worth gaining back in return, like valuable dollars from Uncle Sam.

Having your home use Green Energy can notably reduce its impact on the environment. Solar energy is considered green energy because it doesn’t give off any CO2 emissions while producing energy.

Metal Roofing

We love the modern look and the warranty that metal roofing carries. Many homes in Sarasota are now replacing their old roofs and enjoying the energy saving benefits of a metal roof.

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Tile Roofing

Have you been looking for a roof that’s stylish, but also energy efficient? Concrete or clay tile roofs offer all of this. Not only will your home look amazing with one these beautiful designs on top-it’ll be much more comfortable too!

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Shingle Roofing

Enjoy the traditional look of a shingle roof? We carry a variety of different colors and only use the highest rated materials in the industry, backed by our Workmanship Warranty.

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