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The tile roofs of today are as diverse and beautiful as the centuries-old tradition they represent. These fire resistant tiles can be found in a variety different styles, such as double or golden eagles with their sleek profiles that offer superior insulation qualities for your home's heating system while also being low maintenance.

One thing we love about our local Sarasota tile provider Eagle Roofing Products is how many options you’ll have when looking at traditional tiled surfaces: Bel Air (a classic), Boosted Capistrano(for those who want extra thickness)and more; whether it means an elegant taste through tapered slates or the gentle curves of the Malibu we have all your options covered.

5 Sought after answers for tile roofs:

1. When is a good time to get a tile roof??

It can be placed on commercial buildings, often seen in private communities or golf courses. If you want to get a Spanish or Mediterranean look this is a great option. There is also new flat tile that can give a modern approach

2. Do you often have to do maintenance on tile roofs?

With correct instillation at the start there is a very good chance there may be no issues over the 20-30 year period that the roof is on. The most important part is the underlayment, and the tile offers more of the look and style.

3. Does the cost differ from a shingle roof?

The cost can be up to 70% more than a shingle roof. The concrete tiles are custom made at plants, they have much more weight over shingles, and it is more of a skilled trade than laying shingles on the roof. There are certain aspects of the install that requires a lot of focus to make sure you have good clean lines

4. What about clay tiles that I’ve read about?

Clay is even more expensive, and a custom order that takes longer since they are hand made either here in the states or possibly outside the united states such as Italy or Venezuela.

5. If I have a shingle roof can I swap to a tile roof?

If you’d like to transfer to a tile roof from a shingle roof we will have to get engineers involved. The weight distribution across the roof puts a lot more stress on the trusses and rafters throughout the house. It’s important to do this before anything gets done to make sure that the roof can actually support the heavier weight.


Tiles are great for protecting your home against anything Sarasota weather can throw at it. With their high wind resistance and durability, you know that this will be an investment in long term security! Not to mention the low maintenance costs too – making them perfect if like many homeowners; You want the best protection possible while still keeping up on everyday activities.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing

Enjoy the traditional look of a shingle roof? We carry a variety of different colors and only use the highest rated materials in the industry, backed by our Workmanship Warranty.

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Fort Myres Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

We love the modern look and the warranty that metal roofing carries. Many homes in Sarasota are now replacing their old roofs and enjoying the energy saving benefits of a metal roof.

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Solar Integration

Solar Integration

Have you ever considered the idea of powering your home with clean electricity? Many Sarasota residents are integrating solar energy options for a great way to generate their own power with this renewable resource.

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