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Inspection and maintenance are two words that come to mind when thinking about your car. A roof inspection should be part of this, as it can help avoid problems before they arise. Our free inspections can relive any stress you might be having thinking about the roof over your head.

You might not think there is anything wrong with your roof, but you should still call us; if for any reason, it looks like something may be amiss. Our experienced team will find the root cause of any small annoyance to make sure this doesn’t become a substantial problem, and do whatever needs done in order to correct issues before symptoms worsen  down the line.

Things you need to know about roof repair:

1. When is a roof repair a better option than a replacement?

Any time it’s a newer roof a couple years old to under 10. After that point disrupting the system no matter if it is shingle, tile, or metal can stir up problems when taking something out. Something as simple as vibrations from the nail guns could cause disruptions.

2. What are some typical repairs that can be done to a roof?

Spots to keep in mind are anywhere there might be protrusions: pipe flashings for bathrooms, dryer vents, microwave vents, skylights. The cement starts to wear over time allowing water to penetrate and get through the areas. Valleys that aren’t overlapped properly or ridge vents are also susceptible to potential problems.

3. Do you offer free inspections?

Yes! Usually there is an event that causes people to call for an inspection like insurance, a leek, selling the home. If you would like us to draft up a report for you there is a cost associated with that, but if people want an inspection to see if they need a roof or repair that still is free.

4. Should I get an inspection on a roof more often?

Being proactive instead of reactive is what we preach. There is so much that people have worked hard for in a home, so before an actual bigger issue takes place it is good to have eyes on it consistently. Getting an inspection every 2-5 years is what we suggest.

5. Anything to look out for to make sure my roof doesn’t need to be repaired?

Making sure that tree limbs or outside objects stay clear of the roof. If anything were to puncture the roof it creates an area where water can get through causing further damage inside the home.

Water can often enter your home and travel in odd paths to reach somewhere entirely different. This damage can appear as a drip, or a stain while the actual source is much further away. Our repair team has an extensive background and are able to pin point any problems a roofing system might be experiencing. If you’re worried there might be a loss of integrity in your roof, don’t hesitate to call us to make sure the areas of concern meet our professional standards.

Roof Replacement

Property in the Sarasota area is and will continue to be a great investment. Protecting that investment with a new roof will give you peace of mind that your assets are safe for the foreseeable future.

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New Construction

A Sarasota roof needs to be made to last. With an average 25 year lifespan it’s important to know that you’re getting everything out of the roof that you need to. Our experts know the in’s and out’s, so let them seamlessly guide you through any new construction.

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Commercial Roof

Identifying your roofing systems needs and performance standards are crucial, especially on a roof the size of a commercial property. A business should never worry about is the integrity of materials over their head. We at Key Roofing understand this necessity and it’s importance.

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