GiddyUp Instruction - Your Part

Step 1 - Navigate to the menu in the top left of the screen

Once the menu is open click on the Workflows tab.

Step 2 - Click on the (+) on the right side on Insurance Work

Step 3 - Begin filling out the form

Type: Roofing

Lead Type: This will most likely be a Referral

Lead Source: This is most likely be a Customer Referral

Step 4 - Fill out customer information

Home Owner: Their name, this will prompt you to make a new contact. Do this.

Email: Add the customers email

Phone: IMPORTANT – add each type of phone (work, cell, home) and make sure the phone number is the same for all 3. This is required for paperwork at a later date. THIS MUST BE DONE.

Step 5 - Fill out customer address

Once this is filled out click the save button in the top right.

Step 6 - Go to your Forms page

The Forms button is on your bottom option bar.

Step 7 - Use the Key Roofing & Exteriors Option

Step 8 - Open the contingency form and then save

This form should be pre filled out. The home owner will not have it yet.

Step 9 - Click on the form button in the top left

In the top left is a button that looks like a form. Click this button

Step 10 - Click Request Signature

GiddyUp Instruction - The Home Owners Part

Step 1 - Have the home owner open the email where the form was sent.

This will not be in the text of the email. It should appear as an attachment or form with the email. If they can not find the email have them check the spam folder.

Step 2 - Use the E-Verify

There should be yellow text boxes at the bottom of the form for them to sign or click and E-Verify

Step 3 - Submit the form

Once submitted check boxes show up. Text to verify is generally quicker, use this instead of email. They will get a 4 digit code to verify. Once verified the process is complete.